Getting Here (& moving about)

Arrival to Madrid
By plane: you will arrive to Madrid Barajas Airport.
By train: you will arrive to either Atocha or Chamartin Railway Stations. Getting from one to another is easy and takes only a few minutes, we will use Atocha as a reference.

Where are the hotels?
Hotels 1 & 2 are in Leganés, right by the University Carlos III, where the conference will be held
Hotels 3 & 4 are very close to Atocha Station

Getting to Atocha from Barajas
By taxi: (the easiest way), it may cost around 2500 pta. Verify with  the driver the approximate fare beforehand, and do not forget to ask a receipt. Some of them are prone to rise fares to foreigners!
By bus: every 15 minutes or so, a bus departs to the center of Madrid (Its last stop is Colon). Getting from Colon to Atocha takes only a few minutes by taxi or train (cercanías).

Moving around Madrid
The easiest way to move around the city is to use the underground (Metro), although a lot of city buses are also available. All this information about the city and much more can be found here.

Getting to Leganés
Directly from Barajas: the easiest way is to catch a taxi (around 3000 ptas).
From Atocha: the easiest (and cheapest) way is to use C-5 cercanías line (Heading to Fuenlabrada, stop at Leganés). It may take about 15 minutes.
By car: it is not a direct path, you have to use several speedways and there are several possibilities. Please, refer to this page for further details. We do not suggest moving around by car unless you are already familiar with the area.

When in Leganés
The Campus is at 5 minutes walking from the Leganés Cercanías Train Station  (turn left right after exiting the station). You will identify very soon one of the main buildings in the Campus
See the following maps of the area for further detail:

Once in the campus:
The conference will be held at building number 5 (pink color in the map), its profile is also clearly identifiable (). There will be a reception desk at its entrance.
If you want to know more about our University follow this link.
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